As a coach, Paula demonstrates active listening and trust in the client to discover his/her actions to move forward. Her enthusiasm and confidence bring hope and energy to each session!

Lay Li, Consultant, Singapore

I am privileged to have Paula as my coach. Her compassion, patient listening, and experience have greatly assisted me throughout all our sessions as I navigate my current life transition. I am stronger as a person and more comfortable with my decision making after having the benefit of Paula's support and guidance through her coaching.

David, Senior Consultant, Washington, D.C.

From our very first meeting, Paula projected calm, accepting, and caring demeanor, which made me feel very comfortable and easy to open up. It felt like I was talking to my incredibly wise, supportive and creative best friend! She is a great listener, patient and asked me insightful questions, which helped me put my priorities into perspective. Her open curiosity and skill in getting to the underlying issues made her a valuable partner in getting the results I needed to move forward more quickly and in the right direction in my life. The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make. I am grateful for Paula's assistance and encourage anyone to benefit from her coaching!

Natasha, Flight Attendant, Serbia

I want to take this opportunity to thank Paula for the coaching. She allowed me the opportunity to express my concerns and she was there to help me focus on the best course of action for me to concentrate and center my emotions on my main goals and purpose for my future. She listens, but does not judge. She advises and does not criticize. She INSPIRES and empowers. I thank her for being a sounding board.

David, Contracting Officer, Atlanta


Paula Maddox

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