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Are You Ready for Holographic Communications?

Updated: May 24, 2019

Did you know that every silent or verbal expression is actually a means of communication? Well, it is! In the business realm, executive positioning and communication is vitally important and will be more sustainable if it is based on a sound management process. As an employee, don't you desire to know the most current information? Do you have high expectations about receiving timely and accurate crisis information within your organization? Rumors begin to spin, and they are often manufactured when accurate or timely information is not made available to employees.

Holographic Communication is on the Way!

The holography industry is advancing out of the Star Wars military weaponry and will make holographic tech available soon in a boardroom near you. This innovative technological advancement will continue to promote the development and upgrading of future products in communication. The ever-changing acoustic research (AR) holographic presentation industry is working to enrich holographic visual communication to better meet the needs of global customers and address the immediate need to distribute real time crisis information. WIMI AR Hologram is the company leading AI holographic vision company in China and has created the third-generation 6D light field holographic technology product that amazes users. Accessing 6D should be pretty cool, right?

3-D Interactions and Benefits

When the era of true 5G communication comes in the 5G holographic video call, communication between people is no longer conducted across screens. The real-time three-dimensional interaction can be realized in boardrooms globally. Once the call is answered, the holographic digital image will be immediately transmitted, and both parties appear to be face-to-face in the same room. Shazam!! This futuristic technology will truly break through the traditional communication barrier and impact other industries in a major way such as national and international business meetings. For example, mobile phone AR can be employed to generate 3D images in the mobile phone, and the 3D image can be acquired when the user needs it; camera of the mobile phone can also recognize the movements and expressions of the human and help to obtain the visual part. The smart speakers will rely on projection technology to project an image out. Persons in the chat on the WIMI Hologram AR platform can use emoticons to determine their facial expressions. In fact, the abundant expressions of virtual characters in the chat, such as smile, grin and various detailed expressions can be displayed, as well. So say goodbye to excessive text messages!

WIMI Hologram AR said that its ultimate goal is to make users immersive in the holographic AI interactive scenes, covering voice, motion and facial expression tracking. WIMI Hologram AR platforms can provide one-stop service, and it can virtualize the top artists and project the virtual characters as stars. Soon, the holographic cloud can be applied to break through time, geographical and conditions limits. The holographic cloud stage design platform can provide a combination of rich virtual effects to virtualize the physical scenes, thereby reducing the cost and improving presentation effect. The standards of the radio and TV industry have been upgraded from SD, HD to the 8k pilot in the amazing 2016 Rio Olympic Games and high-simulation holograms which definitely raised the bar and imaginations. The world is quickly moving away from face-to-face board meetings, audio teleconference calls, and video conference calls with low bandwidth as a way to connect with global leaders, employees, and customers. Companies, who consider themselves as industry leaders are moving future forward with cross-functional teams which describes teams consisting of team members located all over the globe in a wide variety of time zones. This train is moving at warp speed so jump on board now!

How to Manage Tech in the Workplace

Dependency on tech in the workplace has increased tremendously in recent years and the invasive nature of some technologies can cause workers to have a sense of techno-invasion that can interfere with boundaries established between work and other life domains resulting in creating technostress. It can also negatively affect employee production. The increased connectivity that results from tech use can also lead to burnout by enabling employees to be accessible anytime and anywhere. This trend has led many employers to mandate times for employees to disconnect from their devices. Employees are now using tech in non-productive manners which can lead to:

  1. Information Overload. When individuals are presented with information on a variety of platforms, they are often unable to process all of it well due to the lack of time or ability. Individuals should limit multi-tasking on multiple platforms and devices and take intentional pauses throughout the day.

  2. Tech Overload. Individuals should pace themselves and limit actions to the tech that is necessary to complete the required task at that moment. The key is not to take on more than is mentally or physically necessary.

  3. Job Strain. Individuals often over-commit to please too many stakeholders and stress themselves beyond capacity. Each individual should identify their capacity, prioritize and/or reschedule job tasks and know that the word "no" has its benefits.

  4. Work Interruptions. Research shows that interruptions during work has a negative impact on job performance and level of efficiency which can lead to increased job stress. Individuals should limit work interruptions as much as possible, keep a work schedule, and stick to it.

There are many benefits to using tech successfully and effectively to achieve the intended results, but it requires setting intentional boundaries to gain the most from this balancing act. Get ready for new innovation and a ride on the bullet train!



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