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Flow or Resistance?

Are you navigating your life in a flow right now or do you feel that you are in a whirlwind of resistance? Which one would clearly identify your current situation and why? If you are in your flow, you are probably in a space of ease or acceptance of what is. Your life isn't perfect, but you may have decided to take control of how you respond to each situation in your life, instead of allowing situations to take control of you. You may also find ways to remain centered and in a peaceful space, so that you can think clearly and make sound decisions impacting your life. If you feel that you are currently in a whirlwind of resistance, it's possible that you may not be in a peaceful space right now. You may feel overwhelmed and you may have over obligated yourself and there isn't enough time to complete the tasks that you say are important to you. If you are in a space of resistance, this may be a great opportunity to take the time to reflect upon yourself and your life. December is an ideal time to reassess your situation and life before the arrival of a new year, which usually signifies an opportunity to turn a new page. Where does your discomfort lie? Are your current professional and personal situations serving you? Do you walk away from conversations feeling negative? A space of resistance is not desirable by most, but the good news is that you can shift that situation by making changes once the awareness is there. Coaching is a great opportunity to get to a place of awareness. Once you identify the awareness then there is an opportunity for change. Find out what coaching can do for YOU! Schedule a consultation to determine, if you qualify for a powerful coaching conversation.PM



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