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Many times we are so busy operating in the space where our strengths lie that we forget to bridge the areas where gaps exist in our lives personally and professionally. Professionally, we all have skill gaps that we should invest time and resources into bridging. Those skill gaps may relate to communication, strategic planning, public speaking, foreign languages or negotiation. When you bridge a gap, it is a personal investment into you and often it is a transferrable skill that you are strengthening. Transferrable skills are skills that you can take with you even if you decide to change career paths or add an additional income stream to your portfolio in a new industry or through entrepreneural efforts. The same theory is applied to skills that will strengthen your personal life and help you involve into a better person. Some people are afraid to be vulnerable, fearful of making mistakes or insecure about how they are viewed by others. Therefore, it may be wise to invest in confidence building, image consultations or even coaching. When you hire a personal coach, you can explore a wealth of options and possibilities to address your personal and professional concerns in a safe, confidential space that is solely dedicated to you. Even coaches have coaches, because they fully understand the need to develop and improve in all areas of life. Take the time to invest in you! Hire a personal coach and take your life in a new and exciting direction. The question is not , if you need to hire a coach? The question is, "what will happen and where will you end up, if you don't?" Gain a new perspective! PM



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