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Failure vs. Misalignment

Have you ever felt as though you failed at doing something or completing something? Why did you experience such a feeling of failure? You may have felt this way, because you didn't reach the level of expectation that you set forth for yourself. Or maybe you felt that way, because you didn't meet an expectation that someone set for you. Some people tell themselves that they fail at life each day. We sometimes feel that we have failed as parents, spouses, children, friends, colleagues and even employees. But guess what? You can NEVER fail!

Only processes fail and humans are not processes. If only processes fail, that means that oganizations may fail. Procedures may fail. Company structures may fail, but humans cannot fail. We have somehow adopted and believed that we can, in fact, fail at doing things, but that is not so. Abort that thought. Get rid of it. Release the negative energy that goes along with this mistruth. Gain a new perspective. If you feel that you have failed in your career, marriage or may be that you are misaligned. Only you can determine, whether or not you are in the right relationship that contributes something positive to your personal growth and where you can be fully invested and be an effective contributor. Only you can determine, if you are aligned in the right career or job that allows you upward mobility or that allows you to feel like a valued member of the team. Through reflection and meditation, you can determine if you are suffering from one or more misalignments. Once you have identified your misalignments through a conscious awareness, then you can develop a strategic plan to do something about it. You can now develop an action plan and then take the necessary steps to get your life back in alignment. When we are in alignment, we are happier. We are more productive. We are able to maintain healthier relationships. We are able to shift our energy and gain a new perspective in life. Stop telling yourself that you have failed, because that is not your truth. You may be just misaligned. If so, then change your perspective and then change your life. PM



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