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Are you managing or controlling?

Are you managing your life well or expending your time and energy controlling someone else's life? You have to be good at one or the other, but only one is beneficial to you. The other one will deplete you, de-energize you and increase your misery and unhappiness. Experts agree that we are more energetic when we center our energy and when we plan and organize our own lives and execute an action plan to reach our desired outcomes. That is when we reach a higher level of happiness and we are the most joyful. Also, that is when we smile and laugh more. If we are not laughing, smiling and feeling happy and joyful each day, it's a good possibility that we are not making choices in our life that allow us to manage our life well. Needless to say, if we are trying to manage someone else's life, we can expect to feel miserable, depleted, tired and frustrated. That is because we should give everyone the freedom to manage their lives as they see fit. If we enjoy our personal freedom, we must accept the fact that others are entitled to the same...bad decisions and all. The most valuable lessons are learned from mistakes and less than perfect situations in our life. Another fact is that we must understand that we cannot truly control anything or anyone, but ourselves anyway. And if we have a productive and fulfilling life, we would not have time to control or manage anyone else's life. So, take a moment to determine what is your current state of affairs and where adjustments made be needed. How well are you managing your life? Share your perspective. PM



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