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Ties can bind!

We have often heard others talk about the ties that bind. Well...ties can bind or they can liberate. It all depends on your situation and your perspective. When people talk about ties, they often refer to relationships. Human relationships are two-fold. They can be binding when they are personal or professional relationships don't inspire us support us, motivate us or encourage us. We feel bound! If we continue that relationship for a long period of time, we will find ourselves shrinking to meet someone else's expectation. We will dim your our light until it no longer flickers. We may also become complacent and we will find ourself making excuses and settling for whatever comes. That is when we know we are truly bound! And we really have no one to blame, but ourselves. We have given our power over to someone, who cannot free themselves; therefore, they will not allow us to be free, either. They want us to be their company in the place where they reside. Now there is another tie that can be totally opposite. It can be liberating. That tie describes our relationships that are supportive, encouraging, visionary and can cheer us on when moments of doubt tend to make an appearance. That tie can also shine a light upon our dark corners and help us see another perspective that we may not have had in our peripheral vision. This type of tie gives us a new set of eyes and helps us improve our sight. It can help us remain focused and it often serves as a self-check. It's an accountability barometer. Also, it gives us the fuel to lift off the ground and to soar. Take a moment to determine what type of ties you are allowing into your life and what type of ties you are offering to others. Today is a great time to perform your self-check. What's your perspective? PM

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