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Keep blooming!

When you take a moment to think about it, you only have ONE job in life. That is to keep blooming! When you keep blooming, you keep stretching, growing, improving, reaching for greater heights! When you stop blooming, you simply remain grounded with no possibility of taking flight until you change your mindset and attitude. When you think about it, mankind is really not much different than nature. We need nurturing. We need food (spiritual, physical and emotional nourishment) and the right conditions to grow. If your life or current job situation doesn't offer what is needed to support your growth then you've got some work to do! Without the proper nutrients, we are like plants. We shrivel, droop, discolor and some of us eventually die a slow death emotionally and then physically. Improper conditions over time may have fatal results. They also may cause pain, aches, headaches, strokes, heart attacks and other dangerous health conditions. Take a moment today to think about your personal and professional growth. Are your current conditions conducive for you to grow? If not, what do you plan to do about it? The only thing you can change is you! If you want something different then you must do something different or be satisfied with the same results. How are the same results working for you?

I encourage you not to spend another year in pain, discomfort or malnourishment. Live again! Breathe again! Enjoy life again! Take charge again! Don't victimize yourself and do not commit unconscious suicide. Stop living in your past and your yesterdays. They are gone and today is a new day to pave a new inroad. Keep it moving forward and don't stop! You deserve better and now is the time to do better. Let's do it! PM



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