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Emotional Regulation

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

How well do you manage your emotions? How well do you rate your tolerance in the workplace? How often do you allow others to push your buttons? Researchers believe that when others approach you in negative ways or act out in the workplace, it is often a cry for attention. It's also an indication that they are finding it difficult to manage or cope with their emotions and help is needed. Let's face it, it's very easy to respond in kind when negative behavior disrupts our day, but what does that really accomplish? Oftentimes, it makes everyone involved miserable. Try another approach next time! Take the time to REALLY listen to what they are saying when a conversation goes negative. Ask questions in an attempt to get to the core of the problem and resist the temptation of addressing the symptom. Once the problem is identified...more efforts can be placed into finding a solution. Once a solution is found...healing begins. Make an effort to increase your tolerance and be mindful that you cannot control how others act or react around you or towards you. However, you have the power to control how you respond to everything around you. Don't be so willing to give your power away. Manage your emotions at all times, whether you're at home or in the workplace. You are a leader regardless of your salary or job title, so act like a leader at all times. People will show you the worst side of themselves at times, but that isn't the time to give yourself permission to sink to their level. Make others RISE up to your level, so that we all can become better. Always remain on a path of improvement, which is a great inroad to pave! DO better, so that you can BE better! PM



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