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Keep your game face!

If you've been in a leadership role before, you know that it is a balancing act. Any and every conversation, meeting or issue presents a challenge for you to keep your emotions in check. Workplace stress is real and so is the variety of problems and personal issues that each person brings into the office. Therefore, you have to deal with issues that require you to keep the organization on track and you must also deal with the personal issues that cause others to lose focus. So, how do you handle all of these personal interactions? First of all, you must actually realize that you cannot control anyone, but yourself. You can't control the emotions, actions or lack of focus by others. However, you have a responsibility to do what you can to offer positive solutions and make a conscious effort to control how you react to each person and situation. From time to time, others will do what they can to press your buttons and trigger an emotional response from you. But my advice to you is not to let them take you there. When you respond to such negative actions, you have just given the other person your control. Make a conscious effort to remain focused and centered at all times, because if others find a weak link in your chain, they will certainly yank it! Scientists state that emotions are contagious! Therefore, I make every effort to ensure that my positive emotions, vibes and frame of mind influence those around me, instead of allowing their negative actions and emotions to impact me or my day. It's my daily intention to make sure you catch the positivity I have to offer and not the other way around. Emotions are powerful! They shape and influence the environment around you. Make a conscious effort to arrive at the workplace with positive emotions and to share your positivity throughout the workplace. When that happens, negative people are less inclined to battle with you or come into your space. Your positivity is like an invisible force field that they don't want to confront. Build your positive emotional competency and make sure it has staying power to endure the day. You'll be surprised how your positivity drives the positive results in your life. Be encouraging! Be supportive! Give compliments! We can use more of that in the world, so share what you have with others! PM

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