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A Good Fisherman

Are you a fisherman, who continuously provides fish to others? Or are you the fisherman, who teaches others how to fish? There is a difference! I will be the first to admit that it's easy to find yourself in a position where you are always giving fish. We want others to learn and be successful; therefore, we often give them the fish that is needed to nourish their growth. However, long-term lasting success can only be attained by teaching them how to fish. If we place ourselves in the position to make others co-dependent upon us, they will come to the river each day with the expectation of being fed whatever you catch that day. In doing so, they will not develop the tenacity to fish for themselves and they will not learn how to use the correct bait, how to cast the line or learn about the conditions needed to increase their chances of catching fish. When we teach them how to fish, we have given others the knowledge needed to sustain themselves, whether they are in our presence or not. When you are not there, you can rest assure that they will know where to fish, how to fish and when to fish and they will never starve. Be mindful to spend more time teaching and encouraging others to use their strategic thinking skills that will definitely help develop their decision-making skills. When we readily provide all the answers, we are hindering the personal and professional development of others. Learn how to be a great fisherman. Coach others, so that they can find the answers that are appropriate for them! PM



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