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The Labor Day Weekend offers most of us a moment to breathe in the U.S. There were many scheduled events, concerts, picnics, family reunions, cookouts and opportunities for people to come together and fellowship. It was wonderful! Now what? Tuesday will be a regular weekday for many. It will come with a host of activities for the children, school, homework, office work, meals, van/carpools, etc. What happened to that feeling of relaxation and rest? You no longer feel rejuvenated and you don't know why. You may have even felt restored less than 24-hours ago, but now you feel stressed. Here's a news one controls your schedule, but you. If your calendar is's because of you. If your day leaves no room for you to breathe or appreciate a beam of's because of you. If everyone is making demands upon your time and you are meeting each of those expectations...I wonder who's responsible for that?

Only you can ensure that you remain in a place of Rest, Rejuvenation and Restoration. In other words, Re x3! If you are looking for others to give you permission, you will not get it. Good luck with that! It may be time to set a new expectation with those, who are in your life. Rest is important for healthy mental and physical growth. That is why we insisted that our children take mid-afternoon naps each day. It allowed parents to obtain a moment of rest, but it also help our children's little brains to receive an hour or more of needed rest and inactivity. Adults need that, as well! This may be a good time to let everyone know that the team is moving in a new direction this season and rest is a priority on your agenda. Rejuvenation is as important, as well. If you wait for major holidays to rejuvenate and refresh yourself, you may be in trouble. During long periods in between holidays, there is enough time to overload yourself and decrease your immune system. Next thing you know, your body is completely imbalanced and susceptible to disease and illness. A simple bubble bath, a quiet room with soothing music or a foot massage can do wonders for your body and your mental attitude. Give it a try! Restoration is needed, so that we can feel whole again. There is nothing worst than trying to tackle the world and it's problems unprepared. Its best to be 100% on and fully charged, so that you can think with clarity and make wise decisions. The lack of rest will only make things worst.

The next time you feel overloaded at the office and stressed at home, just think of Re x 3 and make the changes needed to bring balance back into your life. Have a great week! PM



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