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Tonight sets the tone for tomorrow!

How can what you do tonight actually set the tone for your day tomorrow? You may be surprised by the number of people, who are unable to sleep at night and who actually suffer from sleep disorders. The number of impacted individuals in the U.S. is staggering, especially when you think about the amount of medication is needed to treat these types of disorders. Many people spend most of the night watching television or surfing the Internet in an attempt to fill many sleepless hours throughout the night. Medication is not the only way in which to find rest. There are small things you can do, which will allow your mind to power down naturally to obtain the rest needed for your body to function at an optimum level the following day. Limit the amount of negative energy and imagery throughout the day. Take a moment to notice what you are feeding your mind and your spirit that causes it to be restless. Negative images fuels sleep disorders. How many hours per week are spent watching reality shows, murder series, thrillers, news or other horrific storylines? What about the music you listen to? What about the conversations that are shared with you? This may be a good opportunity to change your lifestyle by changing your television programming options, radio stations and possibly changing the company you keep. If you are surrounded by friends, who whine, complain or bring drama to their lives and may want to run in the opposite direction. Those types of friends tend to weigh you down. Your mind may actually be in overload and you are not aware of it.

Is your bedroom conducive for sleep? Is your room at a comfortable temperature for you? Is it dark enough? Are your walls and bed linen colors soothing to your personality? Take an objective evaluation of your environment and make changes that are more comfortable for you. Also, don't rule out aromatherapy. There are essential oils and scents that are more conducive for rest. Soothing music may also help aid the process, so that your mind can reduce it's activity for peaceful rest. What's for sure is that a restless night from the lack of sleep makes it a very long unproductive day for you and everyone, who must deal with you. Restful sleep is needed for the mind and body for it to rejuvenate & repair itself, so make the necessary adjustments for a longer, healthier life. Have a restful night. PM



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