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Is Your Baggage Heavy?

If you've ever traveled to any degree, you quickly realize that luggage can be cumbersome & heavy. It wears you down and will make the most fit individuals tired, if you carry it long enough. When carrying heavy luggage and bags, you begin to sweat, your joints ache and your limbs become numb. You become tired, fatigued and worn down. Guess what? Emotional baggage will also do the same. One issue from 25 years ago to 3 days ago will become heavy over time and difficult to bear. One unforgiving moment or unresolved issue can have an impact upon you for a lifetime. Over a period of time, it becomes a cancer that eats away at you emotionally and hardens your heart. It also creates negative vibes and emotions and can evolve into bodily diseases that may become deabilitating. The question to ask is why do you prefer to carry it? You know it's heavy, but you make a choice to carry it anyway. Some people even wear it like a badge of courage and others feel validated in their role of being a victim, so that they can solicit empathy. Then again, others have no clue they're carrying it. How do you know it's there? You know it is there when there is a lack of internal peace! The lack of internal peace means there is a chink in your armor; a clog in your drain pipe; or an unresolved issue that is hindering you from moving forward with peace of mind. If you want peace of mind, take the time needed to meditate or to speak to a trusted friend or counselor.

Find a solution to resolve the issue and then do what you can to enjoy your season of peace until the next challenge arises. Just know that another challenge will surely come. Be ready! Forgive...Bless...and Release. Live a more healthy life. Namaste! PM

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