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Resolve it & Keep It Moving!

Welcome to another week! Is your day off to a great start? If not, why not? What is causing you emotional, spiritual or physical discomfort? Better yet, what are you planning to do about it? If you have not developed an action plan to resolve the issue(s), then you will be in your current space for awhile. It’s natural to have a tendency to ignore things in the hopes that they will go away. In reality, they do not go away once we push them under the rug or place them on the backburner. As a matter of fact, the opposite happens…they tend to grow bigger. How you resolve your issue tells a story about you and what is the narrative in your life. Take a look at how you resolve problems on a daily basis. Do you look at something or someone external to you to resolve the issue? If you do, you will be disappointed time and time again. If you look within for answers, you will have a greater chance of reaching a solution with favorable results and increasing your personal development. And once your problem is resolved, you can press forward to the next best thing. There are many benefits to resolving issues quickly. A) This gives you an opportunity to resolve the issue and move on to something greater; B) It enhances your management skills; C) It also helps you to improve your strategic-thinking skills. In summary, there are many emotional, spiritual and physical benefits to resolving issues in your life. When issues remain unresolved for long periods of time, it creates stress and physical illness and disease within your body through a weakened immune system. So, resolve it and keep it moving! Your body, your mind and your soul will be forever grateful!! PM

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