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Acceptance vs. Agreement

As we all work on developing our personal and professional relationships, we sometimes lose sight of our position. Occasionally, we feel the need to take a stance on one thing or another. We become vocal and express our opinion out of a need to be heard or to let the world know how we feel or think. Since we all are uniquely created, it's obvious that we think and feel differently about many things. Therefore, it is also normal to assume that it is impossible for us to agree on everything. Our differences in core beliefs really don't differ that much; however, the differences that exist between each of us makes this world more colorful and diverse place. So, why do we expend so much time and effort in disagreement and strife? Have we really lost sight of the meaning between 'acceptance' and 'agreement'? Must I agree with you on every topic and decision you make in order to accept you as a fellow humanbeing? If this is true, we must assume that no one would be willing to speak or acknowledge one another at all. Acceptance is a 'persons assent to the reality of a situation without attempting to change it or protest it.' Agreement is something entirely different; therefore, we don't have to be in agreement in order to honor the acceptance of one another. Without some degree of acceptance, no one would speak to each other and the need for communication completely deteriorates. When that happens, not only does the communication totally deterioriate, so does the learning and the transfer of knowledge. What is there to gain when this happens? Without knowledge there is no growth or development. So before you write someone off, sit down and ask yourself if your issue is with them or with yourself. Have you decided to terminate the relationship, because of your lack of acceptance of someone, who is different from you? Or have you decided to move on and hinder your growth, because you cannot agree? Your answer to this question may/may not hinder your personal growth. Think about it. PM

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