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Wash away toxicity!

We all have wondered why people act the way that they do and we get upset or disturbed when others don't meet our expectations. These situations often cause stress, discord, anxiety and negative emotions in our personal and professional relationships. But why?? Stress is a choice and so is joy! If others don't meet our expectations, who is bothered the most? Certainly, not the other person. So, it appears that we often get upset over what others do or don't do. So, who is really in control? Let's take a deeper look at the situation. Are we simply upset, because we made a choice to give our power of control away to others and we don't like what they are doing with it? If toxic people and relationships plague your life...who is REALLY responsible? Have you ever heard about the 'power of choice?' That means that YOU have the power to MAKE THE CHOICE! Not someone else. Therefore, you have the power to decide WHO will be in your life and WHOSE spirit will feed your soul. So, what type of food is your spirit ingesting? If you spend hours per week watching local or national news, reality shows, celebrity news, crime & drama shows and late night television...your spiritual food is toxic. If the music you listen to is not uplifting...your spiritual food is toxic. If you spend time around negative acting or negative thinking people...your spiritual food is toxic. If you spend time listening to everyone's problems, because you allow them to dump their heavy baggage at your doorstep...your spiritual food is toxic. If you do things that are not uplifting to your spirit...your spiritual food is toxic. At the end of the day, you wonder why you are fatiqued, worn out, frustrated, depressed, angry, in a foul mood, grumpy and can't sleep well at night. Really?? That is like creating your own storm and then acting surprised when it begins to rain. Take a hard look at what you are ingesting in your environment. We are surrounded by toxicity from the air we breath, the water we consume, the information we hear and the things we view. We must make a conscious effort to filter and guard our eyes, ears and spirit against the contamination around us. You have a choice and you make one each day. If you don't like the choices you've made...change them! You can, you know. If you make changes in your life and someone doesn't hear from you, then they know they are one of the changes you made. You will not experience peace being a 'people-pleaser'. You must maintain and guard your health and that choice starts with YOU! Don't be afraid to be happy! You deserve it! Everything in life is temporary and most people are in your life for a season. So, stop trying to take them along for the entire journey and stop getting angry, if they don't want to go for the full ride. Do yourself a favor and please let them off at the next stop, so that you can enjoy your season of joy! PM

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