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Where are you on your journey?

It's July. Congratulations!! You made it to this moment, which is certainly something to celebrate and shout about! In the business world, this also means that we're in the last quarter of the fiscal year, if your fiscal year begins annually in October. On a personal level, that means that we are less than five months away from the end of the calendar year. So...where are you on your journey? Just a few months ago in January, we all made commitments to ourselves. We planned and strategized and committed to accomplish various goals. The planning and strategizing should be complete now, so where are you on your execution? Are you accomplishing what you set out to do? Have you navigated around the challenges, hurdles and pitfalls? Have you remained pliable and flexible enough to develop a new strategy when you realized that the former plan could not get you to your destination? If you aren't as far along as you had hoped, please do not get discouraged! Life happens and many things are outside of our control. However, each circumstance or incident holds valuable lessons, if we are willing to remain open and yield to the gems it will reveal. There are signposts along the way during this journey. Are you taking the time to read them, absorb them, discern their meaning? Or are you still driving by them at 100 mph without taking notice? Make the necessary adjustments to reach your destination. Your destiny is still excited about your arrival, so don't short-change yourself. Get refocused. Get up and don't give up! There's still time to get there, if you make it a priority. You can still finish strong! Just re-dedicate yourself to YOU! No one is more deserving than you. If you don't celebrate you, who will? You have earned the right to be here, so let's finish the race and enjoy the victory lap. Value you and all that you can accomplish. Stretch yourself and don't be afraid to expand your boundaries. Learn something new. Do something new that you have postponed far too long. Enjoy your accomplishments, but most of all...enjoy the journey! PM



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