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If you've been in the workforce any length of time, no one has to tell you how fast the workplace is evolving and shifting. There was a time when there was a clear line between your professional life and your personal life. Commutes were a part of being employed and 30-year careers were the norm. times have changed! Now, there is no clear line between work and home. The line is extremely blurred and one blends right into the other as if, there is no line at all. To remain competitive, you feel the pressure of having to do more or prove that you're more worthy of the next promotion or high-profile project than your colleague, who sits a few feet from you.

Long commutes have been replaced with liberal telework and work-at-home policies. Metropolitan cities no longer see subway trains filled to maximum capacity during rush-hour and the roadways have fewer cars. Many people are fulfilling their entrepreneural dreams and others are working from home more with the aid of advanced technology such as mobile phones, Internet connections and laptop computers. In many cases, the standard business suit has been replaced with a set of pajamas as standard work attire. If you have the luxury of working a 30-year career, please understand how blessed you are! Long careers are no longer being offered and neither are plentiful benefit packages. The average worker is employed as an entrepreneur or a free-lance worker, who accepts job assignments and/or projects, as needed. We've quickly become a nation of temp workers and we often live, play and work in the same area. The workday is longer and more is demanded of you; therefore, your socialization is often limited to social media and technology. Therefore, it's imperative that you remain flexible, adaptable, pliable and re-adjust, when necessary. Expand your networks, tap your resources, obtain more education and develop your talents. Your ability to remain employed will become more challenging before it becomes easier. Keep your options open and always be willing to think outside and around the box. Don't limit yourself. An open mind creates options and creativity will help you soar! PM



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