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Listen and be discerning.

Remember when our elders told us that a dog, who brings a bone will also take one back? Well, the same truth holds today. The workplace is full of politics, gossip, personal agendas & posturing. Unfortunately, it is a way of business; therefore, we must take time to decipher what is happening around us and what are the possible impacts. The first thing we must realize is that when someone brings inside information to you, it's wise to ask yourself, 'why?' What is in it for them? The informant is not that enamored with you, so please don't think for one moment that this is about you. Such a thought may easily feed your ego and narcisstic nature, but it would not be a very wise position to take. You must find out what is in it for that person. What does the informant stand to gain from disclosing this important information? Are they seeking additional information from you? Or possibly a favor of some sort? Do they desire a certain reaction from you that will further their cause? Are they hoping that you will empathize and align with their agenda and personal goals? Whatever the reason or's your job to find out. In business, you must learn to become a savvy chess player, if you wish to navigate the board and be crowned. If you don't, you may be disposed of and taken out the game very early on. Be watchful, listen to what is being said and what isn't. People will clearly show you, who they are, if you pay close attention. Another old saying is that a tree will show the fruit that it bears. Are people around you bearing good fruit? Learn to listen more intently and watchful to determine, if others operate with truthfulness and integrity. If they deal with others in a foul way, please take note, because you will not be an exception. A smile is not always an expression of well wishes. Know the difference. Pay close attention to your workplace relationships and make sure you know how to recognize an authentic one. Listen and always use discernment. PM

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