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Positive environment = Positive effect!

How many times have you heard managers and colleagues complain about the conditions at work? Take a moment to think about how many times have they also taken the time to improve conditions or to initiate positive change? See my point?? We often hear that we have to be the positive change that we desire to see in our lives and that is a true statement that holds relevance today. We are either contributing to the problem or working to find a solution. There is no middle ground! Some people try to ride the fence by saying that they prefer to remain silent and stay under the radar. That attitude and those actions also tell a story and they send a strong message. The message it sends is that you are in fact contributing to the problem, because you are not doing anything to improve the situation. It's really quite simple. When you change your change your view. A new and fresh perspective has a way of changing things for the better. But in order to have a new perspective, you have to be willing to open your mind and take your vision higher. For example, the beligerent co-worker may be misdirecting her/his behavior upon the wrong iindividuals, but have you taken just a moment on your time in an effort to understand what that person is going through? What about the pain they may be experiencing in their life, which causes them to exhibit such negative behavior? Can you make a positive change in this person just by being an active listener? Maybe the person just wants to be heard, because everyone wants to matter and feel valued. That is what real leaders do. They take risks to make positive changes in their environment and in the environment of others. They create mentoring opportunities. They give others a fresh perspective. They help you realize that some things aren't to be taken so seriously. Everything is temporary, so the good times and the bad ones will pass. The good ones leave us with great feelings of euphoria and the bad ones hold valuable lessons for us to take with us along this amazing journey. Everything has a purpose and nothing is wasted. Find your opportunities to intiate positive change in your environment this week. Don't let anymore opportunities pass you by. Be a blessing to someone and know that the blessing will be returned onto you four-fold! PM



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