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How important is feedback?

The least desirable role for most managers and supervisors is to provide feedback to their colleagues and employees.'s the most exciting part of my job! Why? Because it's an opportunity to create and influence dialogue and to discuss what really matters. It's an opportunity to peel back the layers and get to the cause of delays, challenges and frustration. It saves so much time when I can directly address issues, instead of acting and reacting to the symptoms of them. If I can address the cause of your frustration, then you can spend less time being unhappy & frustrated and we can discuss ways to correct the issue and to set you on a path that yields more desirable outcomes. The situation then becomes a win-win for everyone! The tricky part is getting someone to disclose what is really going on? What is really the problem? What is really making him/her unhappy? What is causing them to act up or act out? That is when probing questions must be asked and attentive listening skills take a major role. The listener must note and understand what is being heard AND what is not being said! As a manager and supervisor, it's our job to find those 'hot buttons'! When you find the 'hot button', you have found an issue! When you find an issue, just sit back and listen, because that is usually when the frustrated individual will fully unload. How does your employee relate, act or react to other colleagues? Are there certain people they avoid? If so, why? What is it the irritates them to the degree of wanting to avoid certain people? Usually, what we detest in others is what we dislike about ourselves, so this is an opportunity to flip the mirror and take a closer look at ourselves. Are we being too judgmental, although we don't like to be judged? Are we participating in negative gossip when we dislike being the subject of rumors and office gossip? Take another look at this situation and try to gain a new perspective. Are you having honest conversations with others or are you pretending your way through every experience and convesation? If you are pretending your way through, how is that working for you? How does it make you feel at the end of the day? If it doesn't leave you with a good feeling, maybe this is an opportunity to learn how to communicate with others more honestly in a gentlier and encouraging way. People can only improve and progress when they are receiving honest feedback. Anything less is like clapping in the parade when the emperor isn't wearing any clothes and that's an embarassing situation. Be an encourager, but do it in a positive and honest way. You will be greatly respected for it and you will feel better at the end of the day. PM



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