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Stay in the innovation zone!

If you want to stay one step ahead of the competition, you must keep your energy high and ensure that your team remains innovative. This can be accomplished by delegating large and important job tasks to team members. Don't micro-manage them as they perform the tasks that you've delegated to them. Guide them, mentor them or even coach them, but allow them room to develop their business and strategic-thinking skills. By doing so, you are showing confidence in your team and you're growing your team members into greater leaders. This will ignite a passion inside of your team members that no one will be able to extinguish and build the leadership ranks of your organization. Don't be afraid to listen and execute new ideas! If you want something different and if you desire more successful results, you must try something different. Step out of the safe zone. Many successes have been discovered when someone executed an idea that no one thought would ever work. It's the crazy ideas that have built multi-million dollar corporations and maintain a high stock price. So, get your creative juices flowing and open your mind to entertain ideas that will be the next new innovative idea in your industry. Last, but not least, encourage creative communication between team members. Consider hosting brain-storming sessions on a frequent basis and ask strategic questions that will make everyone think about the benefits, consequences, risks and the business results. Think about all the possible scenarios and work through the idea until all unaswered questions are answered. Continue to work it through to the end and then review it again several times. The bottom line is to encourage your team to innovate and create new successful options for your organization. Don't just manage your team...innovate them! PM



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