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You don't have to be on a job very long to realize that we can meet or we can work, but we cannot do both! Experts estimate that senior executives spend an average of 65% of their time in meetings with each other. Therefore, this leaves very little time for top management to engage with employees throughout the company. It is also a fact that low morale is fueled by the lack of employee engagement. Business analysts and experts agree: people follow people...not companies! Many meetings are not purpose driven; therefore, it's always best to share the specific objectives of the meeting to all invitees PRIOR to the meeting. When it comes to professional protocol, it is customary to forward a meeting agenda at least three (3) days prior to a meeting, which enables everyone to prepare their thoughts and to contribute their ideas. Be mindful that everyone can offer something valuable to an organization, so listen to everyone. The best ideas and suggestions are often from those performing the work on the front lines. Experts also highly encourage informal meetings, which are the meetings that are typically held in the breakrooms and hallways of the building. Since time is short and valuable, those impromptu meetings tend to be to the point since there is no time for posturing and peacocking. Always be mindful to assign job tasks and timelines for action items prior to ending each meeting. This keeps all stakeholders on task and moves the meeting objectives forward without del Don't hesitate to reduce the amount of time spent in meetings and the frequency of meetings. Business experts recommend 20-minute meetings, because there is no time to diddle-daddle or impress others, but it provides enough time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the business at hand. Our top priority should be our people and our business results. By reducing the time needed for meetings, you can re-allocate time and place it where it really matters the most! PM



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