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Casual Fridays

It wasn’t too long ago when people were very excited about the arrival of casual Fridays. It meant that at least one day of the week was dedicated to surrendering the suit, tie, perfectly shined shoes, Brooks Brothers wardrobe and stilettos to a more relaxed, yet professional look. However, casual attire has seemed to invaded everyday of the week these days. Casual Fridays means different things to different companies and businesses, but it should never translate into athletic wear, leggings or anything that you would feel comfortable wearing to a picnic in the park. Regardless of the company policy, each worker must make an individual conscious decision on how to represent themselves to their customers, peers and managers. The truth of the matter is no matter where we are, what we wear represents us! And if you have higher career aspirations, you may want to place more effort and consideration into your office wear selections. Decide whether or not your attire will help the decision-makers envision you in a more prominent position within the company as you represent the organization at the negotiation table. If not, you may want to modify your wardrobe choices.

If your goal is to climb the career ladder, obtain a promotion or to obtain a higher-level position, you may want to invest more time and effort into your wardrobe and grooming. Your selections represent you, as a person, and they are an indication of your character and who you are as a person. Perception is everything, so calibrate your perspective. PM

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