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Let yourself blossom!

It’s April, but have you forgotten about your New Year’s resolution? How’s it coming along, so far?

It’s difficult to believe, but spring is officially here! This is a season of renewal and new birth. That is why many of us are sneezing, wheezing and running from the wasps and bumblebees, which are doing what they are instinctively and naturally supposed to do. What about you? Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing? Are you giving yourself PERMISSION to bloom? What’s the status of the goals you set for yourself just a few short months ago? Have you taken action on anything that you have promised yourself? What have you done since January to develop yourself personally or professionally? Have you unloaded the unnecessary weight that you placed on yourself or are you still holding yourself bondage? It’s amazing how we create our own storms and then act surprised when it starts raining. :-) Let this serve as a reminder that the past is dead and gone. Tomorrow is not ever coming back again. So, unstrap that load and let it fall right where it is. Stop carrying around old burdens that only weigh you down and progressively age you. You are only harming yourself while everyone has forgotten about the load you are carrying. They have moved on. Today is a NEW day! It’s YOUR NEW DAY! It’s an opportunity for YOU to change your life by doing something different to attain the goals that you set for yourself. If you don’t do something different, you will receive the results that you’ve always gotten. Be mindful that no one can do this for you! This is a task that you must do alone, IF you choose to accept this mission. So go ahead and GIVE yourself permission to blossom! This is your time! This is YOUR new day!! PM



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