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Hidden leaders are everywhere!

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Business leaders all agree that job titles, positions and attractive salaries don’t necessarily make you a great leader. It also doesn’t guarantee that you will receive the respect that you feel you deserve. Fact is…there are many hidden leaders in your midst! They are the ones that everyone confide in, listen to, seek advice from and they probably do not have the corner office, job title or high salary. Are you a hidden leader or do these characteristics describe someone you know? Relationships. Hidden leaders are very effective in building and maintaining relationships. They listen, they make themselves available, they dispense sound advice and they respect others. Also, they keep information disclosed to them in confidence and they are never judgmental or demeaning to others. Get results. Hidden leaders also realize that what they do and say sets an example for others. Someone is always watching and noticing their every move. They also keep the end game in mind when making decisions. They always consider what is best for the organization as a whole and what is necessary to retain professional relationships until the desired results are reached.

Integrity. Hidden leaders also display a high-degree of integrity at all times. They are willing to give effective and honest feedback and be fully accountable for their actions. Also, they will offer their honest comments about individuals and corporate issues, if asked. They will not respond in ways to only make others feel warm and fuzzy. They are dependable and they are consistent in their actions. Hidden leaders maintain a global view of matters and all possible consequences. They excel in their efforts to offer excellent customer service and they believe in setting a positive example for others. Open your eyes a bit wider. There may be hidden leaders around you. You may also be one, as well! PM



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