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Raise your intercultural communication

How would you rate your intercultural communication? Do you know what it is?

As you know, we are operating in a more global society where it’s much easier to reach out and touch others from around the world with a text, picture or phone call. Therefore, we find ourselves communicating with people all the time from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, which plays a constructive and positive role particularly in business.

Therefore, intercultural communication is a study of how people from different cultural backgrounds interact with one another. Language is only one focus of intercultural communication. Intercultural communication also focuses on thought patterns, social attributes & the cultures representing different groups of people. Needless to say, it’s the foundation for international business!

By improving your intercultural communication skills, you will: a) acquire a greater knowledge of cultures, institutions and the ways of life of different communications, so that you can identify their behavioral norms and assist you in business negotiations;

b) gain greater insights into the roles governing behavior within specific intercultural environments;

c) broaden your awareness of your own beliefs and values and those of others; d) develop a greater sensitivity towards cultural stereotypes.

If you aspire to broaden or increase your skills in the international business market, intercultural communication is definitely an area where you want to focus your attention. Good luck! PM

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