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The stress test!

Your blood pressure is elevated. You’re stressed. You’re not feeling well. You need meds to make it through the day and you just want a few quiet moments to yourself. You’re probably thinking that all of your stress is job-related. It may very well be; however, you have the power and the ability to control how you receive the conditions of life. How stressful is your job? Well, here’s a list of the most stressful jobs last year and they are listed here at their highest ranking:

Enlisted military personnel Military General Firefighter Airline Pilot Event Coordinator Public Relations Executive Senior Corporate Executive Newspaper Reporter Police Officer Taxi Driver

Here is a list of the least stressful jobs ranked from low to high:


Hair Stylist


University Professor

Seamstress or Tailor


Medical Records Technician


Multimedia Artist

Drill-press Operator

Take a look at your job to determine, if your stress levels are job-related or life-related. In either case, you have the power to change it and the ability to improve your life. Don’t let life get the best of you. Take control of it before it takes control of you! PM



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