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Initiate difficult conversations

Difficult conversations are really hard to initiate, right? That’s one of the main reasons why we avoid them. They are uncomfortable, uneasy and we are never sure how others will receive our conversations. Actually, it can be a scary situation.

These conversations are easier when there is a pre-existing relationship, based on a level of trust and respect. However, relationships require effort, an investment of time, openness and engagement. Here are a few questions you can ask to get those difficult conversations started. Good luck!

Relationships. What can we change or improve about our relationship that will help us achieve our team goals?

Teaming. Do we have any team conflicts at this time that we need to talk about openly?

Leadership. What type of leader do you want to be and how do you plan to get there?

Personal Development. When you think about your future, what is your vision and how can I help you get there?

Mutual Acceptance. How can we learn to appreciate and accept one another?

Assistance. Are there any opportunities available for us to assist and help one another? PM



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