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Leadership is not about luck

What is your personal leadership style? Have you thought about it? Can you define it? Can others identify it?

Your personal leadership style is based on both your professional and personal life experiences, in addition to expertise that has been gained through education and training. The most effective leaders are those, who fully understand their management & leadership style; however, they are flexible enough to adapt to the behavior of others as the situation dictates. This also is a great influence upon their employees, who are motivated to achieve personal success for themselves and for the team, as a whole.

So how adaptable are you? Are you flexible, based on the situation at hand? Are you strategic when crafting a team to become high-performers? Do you know how to maximize and leverage your unique leadership skills? Do you know what your unique talents and gifts you bring as a leader? Do you create an environment that drives the individual performance of others?

In Daniel Goleman’s Harvard Business Review publication titled, “Leadership That Gets Results", Mr. Goleman outlined six (6) leadership styles observed by managers:

Authoritative Leadership. The leader mobilizes the team toward a common vision and remains focused on the end goals while leaving the means up to each individual.

Pacesetting Leadership. The leader models a high-level of excellence and self-direction yielding quick results.

Coaching Leadership. The leader’s main objective and focus is placed on developing people for the future. Affiliative Leadership. The leader works to establish emotional bonds, which helps team members to bond and feel they belong to the organization.

Coercive Leadership. This leader demands nothing less than immediate compliance.

Democrative Leadership. This leader concentrates on building a consensus through full participation.

Take the time to determine, which kind of leadership style best suits you, but always be aware that the most effective leaders know how to switch-hit and change up when necessary. Remain flexible! PM



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