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The greatest power!

What is the most powerful component of life that can release a floodgate of prosperity, success and peace in your life? It’s called forgiveness!

When most of us see the word, “forgiveness”, we immediately begin to think of people, who we have forgiven or who have forgiven us. When was the last time you forgave yourself? That is the very first step to master and if we don’t there is no way that we can continue this empowering journey. Why is forgiveness so important and why is it so powerful? Because forgiveness initiates healing! Without healing, we are doomed to misery, disease, illness, sickness and other forms of internal and external deterioration. Forgiveness is more necessary for you than anyone else, because you are making a conscious choice to feel better about a person or situation in order to find a place of peace in your life. Always make an effort to choose the right perspective regarding what’s going on. Forgiveness releases us from stress and helps us to heal the hurt, pain, disappointment and suffering. Give up expecting things from other people, who do not desire to give it to you. Take your power back! Put your energy to better use, because dwelling in a negative space only says that you are willing to give your power over to someone else to control and no one is deserving of your power! Just remember that the best revenge is a life well lived. Whatever you focus upon grows; so do not focus upon the pain. Learn to look for lesson embedded in the experience, so that you do not repeat it. Search for the positive and focus upon the beauty and kindness around y, so that it will grow and multiply. Stop wearing your pain as a badge of courage. Choose a different perspective! PM



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