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So you want to improve your team, organization or company, but you don’t know how. Where do you start? You start with yourself first! Experts agree that strategic organizational improvements are made one person at a time. However, in order to make meaningful impacts, you must prioritize high-impact activities, align and communicate with all key stakeholders and hold leaders accountable for the outcomes and design job roles that support enterprise contribution. Here’s the secret formula: Individual Performance + Network Performance = Enterprise Contribution. Your individual task performance is actually your effectiveness at achieving individual tasks and assignments, which include:

a) high output per hour worked; b) on-time task completion; c) error-free work d) high quality work The Network Performance is an employee’s effectiveness to improve the performance of peers, as well as using contributions from peers to improve his/her own performance by producing outcomes such as: a) improved processes b) initiating new products or services c) improving working methods or techniques d) transferring great ideas, skills and knowledge

Then at the opposite end of the spectrum you have a low-performing company or organization that is unwilling to make strategic organizational improvements and where the leaders are not held accountable. These organizations perform poorly, become stagnant, fail to support or hire qualified candidates or develop their human talent. These organizations eventually become obsolete through ineffectiveness and they are typically ideal for company takeovers, buyout or just doomed to fail. Decide which organizational alignment best fits your career goals and make a difference! PM



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