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Identifying high-potential employees!

There are is river of talent in this country with waterways full of creativity and potential spilling over it’s banks. Where are these people? Can you effectively identify them and develop them? Recent studies show that high potential employees are fast-tracked to higher positions within the organization; although, top teams spend less than 10% of the time developing high-potential leaders. How can that be? High potentials are consistent and they make significant inroads that allow them to outperform their peers and colleagues under a variety of circumstances. In addition, they exhibit a strong capacity to grow and succeed in their chosen careers. Here is the basic anatomy of high potential employees: Deliver strong results. Competence is the strong unbreakable foundation for high performance that allows high potential employees to establish credibility. They know how to build trust among their colleagues and influence key stakeholders. Master new areas of expertise. People get noticed faster when they master their technical expertise. Begin by sharpening your skills in small teams before graduating to larger groups. Then they continue to grow by mastering additional areas one at a time. Behavior always counts. Regardless of what you may think, someone is always noticing you, watching you and observing how you handle situations and people. Your behavior speaks volumes about your character! It’s also an indicator of how others expect you to respond in most situations. Does your behavior indicate that you are a strategic thinker, skilled negotiator, teacher or role model? In addition, high potential employees deliver business results and high value to an organization. So excel in your area and always be open and flexible to learn more. Be a high-potential employee! PM



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