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Identify underperformers!

Did you know that recent studies show that one in six employees are underperforming in the workplace? As a manager of a direct report, who may be underperforming, you can help improve employee performance up to 25% by immediately addressing the issue. Not only are underperforming employees less productive, they tend to negatively impact everyone in the work environment, including other employees, which lowers team morale overall. If you are a manager, you must take the necessary steps and the first step to identify each underperformer on your team. An underperformer is any employee, who’s unable to adequately perform their job duties; therefore, it is imperative for the manager to provide effective and immediate feedback, counseling and support as soon as the employee begins to underperform. Of course, there is a distinct difference between poor performance and employee misconduct, so review these indicators to properly identify the problem:

Failure to Meet Standards. When an employee cannot meet the expectations of their position description or employee standards, this is a poor performance issue. Low Productivity. When the employee is unable to meet production standards and expectations, this is a poor performance issue. Low Product Quality. When the employee is unable to produce quality products that meet the standards and expectations of the organization, this is a poor performance issue. Absenteeism. When the employee fails to report to work without a valid reason and absenteeism becomes habitual, this is a misconduct issue. Customer Service Complaints. When frequent complaints are filed or when an employee exhibits anything less than professional behavior with customers and colleagues, this is a misconduct issue. Argumentative Behavior. When the employee exhibits behavior that is belligerent, argumentive or disruptive in the workplace, this is clearly a misconduct issue.

When dealing with employee misconduct issues, please seek recommendations and guidance from your human relations department or labor relations specialist to ensure that you are adhering to all company guidelines and policies. Best of luck! PM



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