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10 tips for Performance Reviews

Do you or your manager know how to deliver an effective performance review? Are you comfortable delivering a performance review as a manager? If you’re an employee, do you feel your performance review gives you a roadmap to improve your performance? Is the conversation beneficial to you at all?

If the performance review is ineffective, everyone is actually wasting precious time. An effective review applauds the employee for job tasks that were performed well, making strategic and sound business decisions, teamwork and leading others well. It also provides a clear roadmap that identifies areas of improvement, specific tools/resources that will assist with their improvement and how to prepare the employee to take their performance to the next level. Here are 10 tips that will assist an employee and manager to sail to a more effective performance review. 1. Schedule sufficient time for the performance review and host it in a quiet room with privacy and minimal disruption. 2. Rehearse the conversation before the actual date of the performance review. The reviewer should feel comfortable and confident in the review that is to be delivered. 3. Provide the employee with performance review documentation that was gathered during the subject rating review period. 4. Maintain eye contact and a positive attitude throughout the conversation. 5. Begin with strengths and then discuss areas for development and provide clear recommendations for the employee to improve in these areas.

6. Avoid judgmental comments and personal remarks. They don’t belong in the workplace! 7. Use clear and simple words throughout the conversation and avoid using industry jargon or vague languages and references. 8. Provide examples to support your feedback to the employee and highlight suggestions for improvement. 9. Listen to the employee’s comments and reactions. Listen to what they are emphasizing and more importantly; listen to what they are not saying.

10. End on a positive note, summarizing the feedback and highlighting the next steps regarding goal-setting and employee commitment in an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Have a productive and great performance evaluation that allows all parties to thrive and improve; thereby, improving the organization overall! PM



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