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Are you a thanker?

How often during the day do you take the time to be thankful? How often do you thank others throughout the day? Based on your responses to these two questions, do you think you are a mindful thanker? If not, here are some things to ponder that just may help you. See with your heart. Begin to see the world more with your heart and less with your eyes. Be more mindful about what you feel in your heart when dealing with situations and people. Begin to view life with a higher level of consciousness. Pay attention to intention. Consciously do things with heart-felt intentions instead of doing things out of habit or repetition. Bring more meaning to your life by being more purposeful about everything you say and do. Meditate. Meditation allows you to slow your heartbeat and get in tune with your inner-self. It’s when you can feel and control your heartbeat, vibrate higher and calm the chatter in our mind. Griots firmly believe that prayer is when we talk and send our petitions to God and meditation is when we listen for God’s answer. Meditation allows us to listen with clarity. Acknowledge yourself. Be more mindful about you and who you are. What is your purpose? How you will serve others today? How will you make an impactful contribution? How close are you to your goals? What changes do you need to make to become a better person? Say thank you. Needless to say, we all should give thanks to others more often, because everyone likes to feel acknowledged and appreciated.

Saying thank you is an opportunity for the giver and the receiver to experience something truly wonderful! PM

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