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What is YOUR brand?

What does BMW, Maybach, Coca-Cola, Harley-Davidson and Mercedes Benz all have in common? They are all brands! And when we think about these companies certain industry standards and their reputation immediately comes to your mind. Nearly 10 years ago, experts believed that only companies and celebrities required branding, but that is no longer true. Every single person today should be a brand. What face do you want to show to the world that will fuel your career success as a subject-matter-expert or as a successful entrepreneur? If you don’t know then it’s definitely time to start thinking about how to position yourself. Why? Because your self-impression is how people perceive you! But you must figure out what you want to do the rest of your life by setting goals and writing down a mission and vision. What is your niche? How do you showcase your work and skills? How do you market your business results? Do you need to upgrade your personal styling? What does your dress say about you? Always make a point to select clothing that best represents you and your brand. For maximum results, fully utilize social media and actively showcase your skills and new look. There are several business websites and social media accounts that will allow you to expand your network and to gain a broader audience. Effectively building your brand can be far more beneficial than a 1-2 page resume that is being electronically transmitted and possibly forwarded to File 13 by hiring managers. Manage your time effectively by building your brand! PM



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