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Navigating life's trials

Life brings us flowers and showers and it also brings trials and lessons. When you experience trials or difficult situations at the office, how well do you handle them? You must tread carefully, if you don’t want to make matters worst. The objective is to confront the real issue and not the symptoms surrounding it. And it’s best to state the issue in one or two non-emotional, yet factual sentences at the beginning of the discussion and maintain your composure until the issue is resolved. Consider these tips and use them the next time the trials of life present themselves: Make your opening statement. State your case, based on facts in a professional and unemotional manner and then go silent. Allow the other person to provide their viewpoint and perspective. Allowing time for each of you to speak avoids an argument. Arguments are emotionally-charged discussions that hinders everyone from listening and reaching an amicable solution. Decide upon a resolution. Prior to this discussion, determine what resolution would be acceptable to you. If you know the resolution you desire to reach, then you will know how to navigate the conversation. What is the right thing to do in light of your past circumstances and in light of your present state? What is the right thing to do in light of your future goals? Remain focused on the issue. Make it a point to stay focused on the issue at hand, which will help you avoid the temptation to get into an argument. Once thing is certain…controversy will happen every now and then, but the main point is to know how to manage it. Learn to value character over comfort and consider the current situation, as well as, the future consequences. Think strategically and move with certainty. PM



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