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Who's following you?

You are a leader when you have a following. And if you are an effective leader, then you are easy for others to follow. Then again, if no one is following you, then you’re not a leader. You are just someone taking a stroll alone. If you’re a leader, here are some tips to make you easy to follow:

Be easy to approach. There is no need to intimidate your followers. Be open and be approachable, so that you can share information with them and they are more than willing to share information with you. Be clear. Take the mystery and guess work out of where everyone is headed. Share a clear road map, so you and your entire team can work toward the same mission and goals. Be connected to networks. One tremendous asset of an effective leader is to stay connected to others, so that you can tap resources and knowledge when it is needed most by the team. Be a trustworthy teacher. Be open and willing to share your information, knowledge, best practices and lessons learned with others. Others should not have to repeat the same mistakes you encountered. Always be willing to offer your best to your team by being loyal and trustworthy. Do not betray their confidence. Be human. Be open and vulnerable by sharing your missteps and experiences that did not serve you well. It’s important that your team realizes there is no perfect path to success. However, mistakes are the most valuable lessons of all that you can take with you. PM

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