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Embrace gratefulness!

Do you embrace gratefulness? How often do you experience a feeling of appreciation and pleasure? Gratefulness is something that we should feel each and everyday. What are you grateful for at this very moment? If you are reading this article, you have a large reason to be appreciative, because some people are no longer here to experience life today. Are you too busy to appreciate the small things in life such as sight, hearing, safety, the ability to inhale oxygen and live independently? If any of us spend more than two minutes viewing the local or national news, we are very conscious of the fact that our lives can change on the spur of a moment in many treacherous ways for our loved ones and us. We really don’t want to waste a moment of our precious time thinking about how our world could be turned totally upside down at any given time. So, let’s spend more time being grateful and appreciative for our personal freedoms and abundance of blessings. They come at a very high price and we should not take it for granted. Express kindness to others and recite positive affirmations to yourself and others. Do what you can to make life better for yourself and others. Change happens one person at a time, so set a wonderful example for someone else. Always be a change agent and catalyst for change. Start today! PM

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