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Be multi-culturally connected!

In case you haven’t noticed, our world has become globally connected in various ways and in various forms. Most of us have many opportunities to experience other cultures of the world from our own backyards, from the pages of a book or from the click of the computer keyboard. It’s vitally important to learn about other parts of the world and other cultures, because the world is at your doorstep. And the only way we can eliminate ignorance and fear is through opening our minds and our hearts to things and people, who are different from ourselves. So, I challenge you today to experience something new and different. Here are some ideas that can help guide you along the way: Learn a new language. It has become easier than ever to learn a new language. You can obtain the services of an instructor/tutor or simply read an instructional booklet, listen to a tape or practice on a smartphone app that is at your fingertips. Give it a try! Try a different cuisine tonight. Sign-up for an international cooking class, go to a different restaurant, pickup a cookbook or search for a recipe on the Internet. Experience different flavors, spices and foods to expand your culinary palette. You’d be surprised by what you will enjoy. See a foreign film. More theatres are showing independent or foreign films with close captioning for you to enjoy. There are also a wide variety of foreign films that can are available for download or rental on your computer. See and experience life from another perspective on the big screen. Enjoy a cultural performance. Have you been to the symphony? The opera? Seen a performance from an international dance troupe or have you checked out any local exhibits at the art museums? where you live? If not, see what’s in town and plan a visit. Get out and experience the wealth from the cultures that surround you. Take a vacation out of the country and sign up for a tour, which will enable you to learn the history and meet the people in the area. The world is really a small place and you will learn that we all have more in common that far outweigh the few differences that separate us. Have fun and let me know what you enjoyed the most. Seriously...let me know! PM



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