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What is it called?

What is it called when people say that you are atypical, unprecedented, unusual, rare and always doing something unexpected? These are wonderful attributes, don’t you agree? That is when someone is trying to say that you are exceptional! The great thing about exceptional people is that they do exceptional things in life. They are often: Focused. They never allow anything or anyone to distract them or keep them from seeing their target. They remain locked in and focused. Open. They are also open and speak with candor. That is why they stand out. They are real with others, although others have difficulty in accepting the truth that they speak and represent. Bold. They are also bold in ways that you may not easily recognize. They can be assertive in their boldness and they can also quietly chart a strategic path before dropping the hammer. Don’t let their quiet demeanor fool you, because they are very effective in what they do. Fair & respectful. They are also genuinely cordial and respectful to everyone. They are empathetic and often relate to the feelings of others. Dependable & loyal. They are very dependable, loyal and competent in their areas of expertise. They get it done and when they are committed…they are totally committed with their time and attention. Something bigger. They are also the type of people, who have huge visions, dreams and goals that they quietly cultivate. They don’t share their private thoughts with everyone, but they are in the background making huge impacts. If you’re an exceptional person, CELEBRATE yourself AND your gifts!! Keep striving and thriving! Everyone is waiting to see what you do next!! PM



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