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Season of renewal

Yes…the month of February is nearly over and the season of renewal is fast approaching. That is when we typically think about spring cleaning and getting our affairs in order in our homes. Also, that is the time we take in account what needs to be put away for next winter and what items need to be donated or discarded. But it is also a time to reassess our professional affairs. It is also a time to experience renewal in our careers and jobs, as well. What requires our attention? What old habits should be discarded? What new habits need to be formed? What change or transformation needs to happen to get you to the next level? This is not the time to be content. This is the time to be fully invested in the goals that we set for ourselves in January when we celebrated the arrival of the New Year. This is the time to keep driving towards your destiny. Remember that what we do this day will determine our outcome and results later in the year. And it is never anyone’s intention to end the current year with the same disappointing results that accompanied us the previous year. If you expect something different this year…you must do something different. Change doesn’t happen through osmosis. It happens with an effective action plan and prompt execution, so what are you waiting for? The world is waiting for you to do something incredible, so be the incredible person that you are. Let’s make it count this year! PM

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