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Dream BIG!

It all begins with a dream. If you want to live life on a higher level and reach for the brightest star, then you have no choice, but to dream big! There are no other options. You cannot dream big, if you are looking and living in the low places. Nothing, but complacency and normalcy can be found there. Not much is expected in the low places, so nothing is risked or gained. It’s like watching a stagnant pool of water. It will be there when whenever you visit. It doesn’t rise nor does it evaporate. It just sits there. A dreamer is like a waterfall or a fast-moving rapid. It is a thrilling experience to see where the current leads and what adventures you will see and experience along the way. The scenery in your current environment is beautiful, but a dreamer must see, if the next destination is bigger and more beautiful than the last. The dreamer is never satisfied. The dreamer will keep evolving, growing and stretching, because nothing is ever enough. Dreamers move with an insurmountable amount of faith…faith enough to know that something bigger and better exists and he/she is determined to find it. So don’t let your dream become stagnant and die. Feed it. Nurture it. Grow it. Seek it. You will be delighted by what you’ll find! PM

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