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Are you the ideal virtual employee?

We are working in a more virtual environment these days for many reasons. Desirable and prized employees are located all over the world and many companies are streamlining their costs of operation by leasing or occupying smaller office spaces. Therefore, hiring officials seek a different set of characteristics when offering jobs to virtual employees than those, who are located within the same office. Here are the primary characteristics that manager’s desire in remote and virtual employees:

Independent & self-motivated. An effective remote or virtual employee should be self-disciplined, organized and possess the ability to work independently while prioritizing their work. Employees with an introvertive personality tend to perform well as a virtual employee since social interaction can be limited. Employees with an extrovertive personality typically crave socialization and desire an audience for attention; therefore, they will find it more difficult to continuously focus on independent job tasks in a limited social setting.

Savvy in technology. An effective remote & virtual employee is more successful when they are technologically savvy. They tend to get more work accomplished with the effective use of digital technology and other resources that assist them with managing their work and their time. An effective communicator. An effective remote or virtual employee is also a great communicator. They keep in constant contact with their customers and stakeholders and proactively take action on items that require immediate attention. Be aware of the type of virtual employee that hiring officials desire and position yourself accordingly, if that is the type of job you are desiring. Working as a virtual employee can be a rewarding experience, if you have the right set of characteristics and job skills. Only you can determine, if a remote position is the right position for you. PM



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