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Discomfort can save your career!

We are familiar with areas of comfort in our lives, but how advantageous is it for us to be comfortable? The definition of comfort is a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint. That means that there is no urgency or need for us to seek change when we are comfortable. Also, there is no reason to stretch or grow when we are in a place of complacency and self-satisfaction. In other words, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Why? Because change is happening all around us and there is nothing we can do to control it. However, if we can respond to those changing conditions in an appropriate way, we will gain an awareness of seeking information and knowledge to lessen our risks and minimize any danger that threatens our careers or us. Comfort can negatively impact us in several ways:

You will not attempt to stay ahead of the game. When you are comfortable you are less likely to update your education, certifications, skills or research the latest trends in your industry. You have to constantly nurture your personal and professional growth, if you want to be an industry leader. You will not perform at your personal best. You will begin to find an array of reasons to justify why you don’t need to do more or excel in your chosen field. You will not go the extra mile to produce quality products or services, because you will be satisfied with your average performance. In other words, you will be happy just to get by. When that happens, others quickly notice it and you may be targeted for replacement. You have stalled in building your networks and business connections. You don’t spend time nurturing your current business networks or to build new ones. Therefore, you will quickly be left out of the loop when business acquisitions, mergers or restructuring begins to take place. You will be looked upon as an outsider and you will be the last to know about everything, which places you in a very poor position. You fail to take advantage of new opportunities. You will easily talk yourself into staying where you are, instead of seeking new opportunities that will enhance your growth and career development. However, new opportunities will likely lead to a better job, more financial benefits, promotion or allow you to grow in other marketable areas. So the next time you experience some discomfort at the job, smile and view it from another perspective. It will probably work in your favor, if you know how to make it work for you! PM



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