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Don't be afraid to ask for help

Don't ever be afraid to ask for help! Regardless of what you think or what you've been told, requesting assistance is definitely NOT a sign of weakness. We are born knowing nothing. Every thing we know and all the information we have acquired to this point has been learned through instruction, observation, experience or absorbed in a learning environment. Besides, the most successful people in the world are very open to tapping other resources for information or skills that they may not personally possess. If you are hesitant about asking questions or if you delay taking action, you can remain stalled for far too long and your issue or situation may continue to grow out of control. If your situation or issue gets worst, you may end up needing more help than you originally planned and all of it could've been avoided. If you're a wise individual, you will quickly observe and assess your immediate environment to determine, who has the information that you need. Then buddy-up with that person or ask them to be your mentor. In addition, high-performers are quick to realize that they never know it all, but it's to their advantage to keep evolving, stretching and acquiring skills and tools, so that they can reach the next level. So, always "be mentally on!" Don't hesitate to ask questions. Observe. Notice what works and doesn't work. Learn from your experiences and the experiences of others. Read and then read some more. Study trends within your industry and make it a goal to be the very best that you can be. You will see that you will always rise to the top! PM



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