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Is it worth it?

We all have goals we’ve set for ourselves. Some change, yet some remain the same depending on our personality and interest. But how often do we take the time to determine the value of those goals? How do we know, if they're still worth the effort? Periodic self-assessment is important as variables and factors change with our level of investment. It’s necessary to constantly reassess the value of our time, effort and determination. Here are some additional benefits to setting goals:

-Achieving the goals we’ve set for ourselves promotes self-fulfillment, increases our self-confidence and gives us a certain degree of satisfaction. -When we share these successes with others, we are inspiring them to reach higher and we are also nurturing our relationships. -And last, but not least, nothing provides us with a large sense of accomplishment like acquiring skills to work toward or goals. So take a moment to determine, if your goals are still relevant to you. Are they too easy to achieve? Do you want to challenge yourself by setting higher goals? Do you want to pursue different goals now, based on your current interests and career path? Challenge yourself to see how far you can go! Just make sure it’s worth the investment. PM



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