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Are you diverse enough?

Being diverse and flexible in today’s business markets is not only desirable, it's necessary. We must also understand that diversity goes far beyond race, age, gender and sexual orientation. It also includes language, national origin, ethnicity, color, health, etc. Therefore, we all have a responsibility to ensure that the workplace is inclusive and equitable to each individual. Period! Experts agree that when diversity works, there are fewer discrimination cases, a healthier work environment and enhanced productivity. So it’s imperative that we continue to work towards eliminating all barriers wherever they may exist. When hiring, always insist on a diverse pool of serious candidates, make an effort to tap new networks and be creative in developing new pipelines to increase the chances of developing a more diverse workforce and create new partnerships with professional organizations and local colleges and universities in your area. Also, make sure that reading materials are available and training courses on diversity are hosted on a regular basis within your workplace. Education is the key to understanding. Be willing to have open conversations with others, who are different from you. Read, learn and experience other cultures and cuisines. Our world is truly one global network, so find ways to expand your mind and remain marketable. You’ll be glad you did! PM



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